• River Heights Award Winning Bathroom

    River Heights Award Winning Bathroom

    A dated bathroom with loads of potential. Having a full 4 piece bathroom on the second floor was quite a…


  • Oswald-Bathroom-5

    Charleswood Bathroom

    This 1970s home had an ensuite that desperately needed an upgrade. The shower was the size of a phone booth.…


  • Country Bathroom Renovation

    Country Bathroom Renovation

    Empty nesters final found the right time to create their dream en-suite. Stealing space from 2 bathrooms and a closet…


  • Fort Garry Bathroom & Closet

    Fort Garry Bathroom & Closet

    This Fort Garry home owner was desperate for a bathroom on their main floor, but no available space. With the creativity…


  • St Boniface Bathroom Remodel

    St Boniface Bathroom Remodel

    This turn of the century home still had the classic cramped 3 pc. bathroom in use. Not being able to…