Office Team


Graeme MacMillan – Owner

Graeme started with Oswald Construction as an apprentice carpenter, and worked in the field for several years, eventually earning his Red Seal designation in the trade. He now looks after the initial stages of our Client Experience, personally attending each initial on-site visit, while guiding clients through the design and estimating phase. Behind the scenes, Graeme stays involved in all facets and stages of each of our projects. Through an obsession with building science and indoor air quality, as well as an extensive background in mechanical systems, Graeme seeks to provide clients with healthy spaces that are built for the long term. Graeme leads by focusing on continuous improvement, and by fostering an environment of ongoing education and learning. In his spare time, he enjoys travelling, being at the lake, and playing hockey & soccer.


Paul – Senior Site Supervisor

There are not many things you can throw at Paul, that he won’t either know how to fix, or figure out how. Paul has been with Oswald Construction for over 20 years, and brings to the organization a wealth of knowledge in the trade. He started framing and building houses with his father in B.C. at a very early age and has worked in the field his entire career. Paul began working with Oswald as soon as he moved to Winnipeg, and has been with us ever since. He brings passion, knowledge, dedication, and pride to his work every single day, and always has the best interests of our clients at heart. Paul is instrumental in working through complex details on site, and has a serious passion for passing on his knowledge and wisdom to our staff in the field. In his spare time, Paul can usually be found tinkering on unique projects in his shop at home, including meticulous restoration of old cars.


Jessie – Office Manager

Jessie has recently joined our team, and brings years of related experience to our organization. She is working to continue to build our internal systems, processes, and standard operating procedures so that we are always prepared for continued growth, without ever sacrificing our overall client experience. Jessie is typically our first point of contact with our clients and vendor partners, and is highly professional in everything she does. Jessie has 4 young grandchildren, who she absolutely loves to spend time with, and are always keeping her on her toes.


Molly – Designer

Molly is an integral part of our team at Oswald Construction, and carries forward the family connection. Being Ralph’s youngest child, she’s been around the business her whole life, and has a long connection to many of our team members as a second family. Molly completed the Interior Design & Decorating program at Red River College and works with our clients to map out their dream spaces, while guiding them through the product selection experience, which would otherwise be a daunting and stressful process. She also assists with scheduling and project coordination, as she is meticulously organized. Molly is a former National level competitive gymnast, and pays forward her experience by continuing to be a coach with the Springer’s Gymnastics Club.


Ralph Oswald – Senior Operations Manager & Former Owner

Ralph started working on job sites with his father, Karl, at a very early age. In fact, working with Oswald Construction is the only employment position he has ever held! Ralph attained his Red Seal designation in his early 20’s and eventually took over the business from Karl in his 30’s. Ralph remains an integral part of the company, and has served as a mentor to Graeme before and during the transition of ownership. Ralph exudes integrity, strong values, and professionalism in everything he does – and this permeates throughout Oswald Construction. Ralph is a local sports aficionado, with an especially soft spot for the Blue & Gold. He continues to play high level hockey and doesn’t shy away from any physical tasks.

Field Team


Johan – Lead Carpenter

Johan has been with Oswald for nearly 20 years, after joining as an apprentice in 2003 and completing his Red Seal designation a few years later. Johan has an outstanding eye for design and detail, and always knows how to execute them. He brings leadership to our group, with a positive attitude on site every day, while mentoring and teaching those who have come on board after him. Johan has a wonderful family with 4 kids that keep him busy, but fulfilled. Johan travels with a group to Mexico every winter for two weeks to assist a local community with building critical infrastructure projects, like school rooms and community spaces. They never want to see him go, but we are always happy when he returns!


Don – Lead Carpenter

Don has been with Oswald for nearly 15 years, and like many in our company, went through his apprenticeship here to eventually achieve his Red Seal designation. Don is thoroughly professional in everything he does, and truly puts clients and their families at ease throughout their projects. He is passionate about teaching the next generation of carpenters, and is always patient when doing so. Don has a wife who teaches in the Franco-Manitoban School Division, and has two young daughters that he absolutely adores. He is knowledgeable in many areas, and always strives to expand his horizons. He is passionate about all kinds of music, and even builds cajons (a box-shaped traditional percussion instrument)!


Erich – Lead Carpenter

Erich started with Oswald in 2013 and has rapidly developed into an outstanding carpenter and overall asset to our team, and is a young man mature beyond his years. He completed his full apprenticeship and attained his Red Seal designation with the company. Erich excels in every aspect of the trade, from foundations and framing, to top-level finishing work. He continues to develop as a leader, and understands the influence he now has on those coming up under him. Nobody gets to site earlier than Erich, and he is always ready to put in an honest day of work, while also developing positive, lasting relationships with our clients. Erich loves spending time at the lake, and has coached high level hockey in the Assiniboine Park Hockey program for many years already.


Arsenio “Jun” – Carpenter

Jun is an integral part of the Oswald Construction team, and is on his way to earning his Red Seal designation – he is currently a Level 3 apprentice. Jun does a lot of things for our projects, and has a very keen attention to detail. He’s very committed to serving our clients, and will never leave before the job is completely finished. He is a true pleasure to be around, and a positive and inspiring member of our team! Jun has two grown children, who both attend university in Winnipeg.


Jim – Carpenter

Jim came to us with a wealth of experience, and really is a jack of all trades. Jim is obsessive about giving our clients the best possible finished product, and will always spend the necessary time to do so. He’s got a positive and fun demeanour that endears him to clients and colleagues alike.


Sean – Carpenter

Sean recently joined Oswald Construction, and has seamlessly integrated with our team. He brings a strong production framing background, and continues to round out and develop all of his other skills in the trade. Sean is committed to doing outstanding work, and has been a great asset. He is serious about doing quality work “the right way”, and that fits perfectly with our ethos. Sean has recently completed his family cottage in the Interlake area, and is very much looking forward to enjoying the fruits of his labour.


Owen – Apprentice Carpenter (Level 2)

We have a little bit of fun with this job title, as Owen recently proclaimed himself “Lead Labourer” during an introduction. This is emblematic of Owen’s light-hearted, and positive demeanour. He joined our team in the Spring of 2021 and has rapidly become a very valuable team member, never shying away from any task on site, and always wanting to learn. He is scheduled to begin his Carpentry Apprenticeship in 2022 and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of his development. With an attitude as good as his, we expect Owen to be a big contributor to our success for years to come.


Jonathan J. – Apprentice Carpenter (Level 3)

Jon grew up in rural Manitoba and brings a heralded work ethic to site with him each and every day, and is always eager to learn. He is currently registered in the Carpentry Apprenticeship program and we look forward to seeing him through all the way to his Red Seal designation.

Noah – Labourer

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